• Average Rating: 7,7 / 10
  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal
  • USA
  • Release date: 2020
  • Genre: Thriller






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So, a lot of people in my country, Bangladesh, has been showing their hatred towards the film for a horrendous portrayal of Dhaka city. But let’s just assume that it is a fictional Dhaka. Let’s talk about the actual film.
The script is so poor, the movie was going to no where. Character development is so bad. We don’t see anything that would help us to connect to the main character throughout the movie. The direction is soo bad (Except for the action scenes)
Director used the camera as mere capturing device. Even in an emotional scene, there was no camera work that would be visual storytelling.
Chris Hemsworth acting was so bad in this movie. He just had one or two expressions, and he carried them all along. No effort.
But kudos for the character played by Randeep Hooda. His character was better written than others and he acted so well. Way better than Chris.
There are people who are saying atleast the action is good. Yes, I agree. But movies are not only about action scenes. There’s a reason why the universe of Cinema is so gigantic. You have no right to ridicule that grandness just by saying “Atleast the action scenes are good.

First of the Indian actor Randeep Hooda is a really good actor and Chris is really badass but writing of this movie is really poor lack of dialogue just action scene after action scene. I am not against action scenes but come on atleast give us decent story and dialogue atleast. one time watch only. I wish next time they work on story also just like they work on action scenes.
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Wrong accent, Dhaka do not have or never had drug lords dressed, accent as such.
Environment of Dhaka was not on point.
Drug lords have own goons who fight for them but not Force’s from govt. to fight for them so open.
The action, cinematography was great. That deserves appreciation.
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